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Kaysville, located in Davis County, Utah, is the largest city in the state of Utah with a population of just over 3,000. The world - the famous Great Salt Lake bordering Davis County to the west and acting like a gravitational force; it has the power to attract any art lover within a 100-mile radius. This ally complements the natural beauty of the area, such as the beautiful mountains and mountain views, and provides a tangible connection to nature itself.

Kaysville is home to the renowned Utah artist LeConte Stewart, one of Utah's most famous artists. Stewart began his career as an art teacher in Davis County, Utah, in 1938 and began teaching art at Davis High School. When the opportunity arose in 1960, he began teaching at North Davis Junior High and the University of Davis in 1961.

He attended school in New York City and enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, to study landscape painting. He took a train to San Francisco, California, to make his first trip to the United States, and enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied landscape painting for four years.

He began his artistic training in 1912 at the University of Utah, which led him to the art department of the school and a number of other schools. He retired from teaching and, still trying to save money to go to New York, he got a job as a sixth-grade teacher in Murray, Utah. Since he could not feed himself by art alone, he was admitted to the seventh grade in Kaysville, Utah, where he taught until his retirement in 1924.

He painted American scenes showing figures, architecture and cars in rural Utah. He sketched and painted at school and travelled to the rural mountains and valleys near his home on Saturdays to paint the best of his favourite places.

In the mid-1930s, LeConte began painting abandoned storefronts in downtown Kaysville, Utah. His paintings focused on the Depression years of 1934-1938, and one day he found himself in front of a shop window in a small Utah town, a few miles from his home.

Brother Burton, who was to furnish the room for creation with art, planned a mural that would represent the day of creation. After receiving approval for his design from President Joseph F. Smith, the artist began work on his first mural, "The Creation Room," in Kaysville, Utah. Brother Stewart's work on the two temples brought the art of the Last Day Saints into the mainstream of advanced art. In addition to winning the coveted first prize in his class at the Utah State Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, he was also ready for the next artistic milestone.

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