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A controversial outdoor concert planned by the Utah Business Revival has been moved from Kaysville, but Tooele County officials say the concert should be moved forward. A controversial outdoor concert by a pandemic-related group - restricting people and businesses - is being moved to Grantsville after a backlash from residents and the city council. In a news release Thursday afternoon, the county's health department confirmed that the authority had not approved the concerts and that no action would be taken against the venue, which had not received proper permits. Kayville City Councilman John Adams confirmed that an internal document was distributed to the city council discussing possible action by KAYSville. Closing the parking gates and turning off the sprinklers were part of these discussions. The news reached the officials of the Tölz district, who say that they are still discussing with the city whether to hold a concert or not.

Mike Flood, a Kaysville resident, sent a letter to Witt and the city council asking Witt to resign and show no confidence in him. Adams pointed out that Witt, who is on the board of the Utah Business Revival, had touted the concert, which was moved to Grantsville, as a good event, since he spoke just days earlier about how great it had been for the residents of KAYSville.

Accordingly, Ms. Bühler presented herself at the Suzuki Association of Utah Teacher's Convention. She also works with students in the Kaysville School District in the area of stage fright management, as well as with the Utah State Music Department and the University of California, San Diego, through her research on the psychology of music education, and with her students and faculty at the U of U. in Utah.

She also holds a Master's degree in Music Education from the University of California, San Diego. She has completed workshops and educational training with the Utah State Music Department and the U of U in Utah. The State University and the University at Utah presented a workshop on how to teach aspiring piano students the technique of reading music.

Ms. Bühler has participated in the piano pedagogical training of the master classes and has taught master class teachers and students at the University of California, San Diego and the U of U in Utah. Cliburn College of Music, where she studied under the direction of Dr. John P. Schulman, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Piano.

Their students have received high marks at National Federation of Music Clubs festivals and have won recognition in solo and ensemble performances. Tricia has been honored for her State Piano Solo and Ensemble at the Utah State Music Festival and the U of U Music Club Festival in Utah.

During her tenure as President of SAU, she organized the first U of U Music Club Festival in Utah, featuring the Utah State Music Festival and the University of Utah Orchestra. In 2011, she organized an international concert by the Shinichi Suzuki Orchestra of Japan, performed at the San Francisco Opera House, to honor the life and work of Shinichiro Suzuki. Dr. and Mrs. Bahler have been active in the art and music education of their students and have participated in international festivals and workshops.

Virtuoso who performs with the U of U Orchestra, the University of Utah Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera House Orchestra.

Dr. Sowby has received state and national awards for his teaching work and has performed at the U of U, the University of California, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Opera House Orchestra. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Utah Symphony Orchestra, where he most recently served as a lecturer and associate professor of classical music and director of music education at the University of Utah. Sean R. Steiner is a member of the Board of Trustees of Utah State University School of Music and an associate professor.

He has been teaching at Southern Utah University since 2008 and is currently director of the Keyboard Studies Department at SUU. He performed with the Ricks College Symphony, performed Rachmaninov and Prokofiev with the USU Symphonies, taught piano to college students on loan, and taught at the Youth Conservatory. In 2011, Dr. Jones earned his Master of Arts in Music Education (M.A.S.E.), certified by the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), which is the highest level of music education for high school students in Utah. This year, students were nominated for the Music Department Award of Utah State University School of Music. Several of his students, from young students to teenagers to adults, had the opportunity to visit Rick's College, teach at the Youth Conservatory and perform with the RICKS College Orchestra.

Susan Schofield attended the preparatory department of the Peabody Conservatory, where she received her piano diploma. She then studied for two years at Utah State University School of Music and earned a bachelor's degree in music education and piano education. She later earned a Master of Music and Piano Performance Pedagogy from the University of Utah after studying with Janet Mann.

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