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Utah's largest indoor funplex offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children, adults and children, as well as a full-service grocery store. This natural store in the heart of Kaysville, Utah, offers a wide range of locally made gifts, from succulents to potted sap plants and everything in between.

If you know someone who loves crafts, you will receive a voucher or you can decide to stop by to do arts, take a painting, night or ceramics course or a fish pedicure. Shop at the Kaysville Art Center, where you'll find affordable, locally crafted crafts and art. Go to the bird sanctuary, feed the wildlife, keep reptiles, swim with rays and keep and feed reptiles.

The cost of aligning the front end varies by area and condition, but there is more you can save by having a local Bridgestone tire sale in Kaysville. Visit our website to compare all our car, truck and SUV tyres for sale in KAYSville.

We would be pleased if we could have a look at your vehicle and let you know if it needs a front end alignment. If you think you might need it, please bring it to us, let us check it out, and we would appreciate it if you could look at it and let us know if it needs a front-end alignment.

If you need a new tyre or simply have new tyres fitted, please call us if you think you need a front axle alignment.

You can always be sure that Goodmon and affiliated stores will provide you with high quality work on your car or truck. The front wheel alignment system in Kaysville ensures that your cars are running straight. If you suspect that you need a wheel alignment system with two or four wheels, just call us at 855 - 500 - 6121. If you do, you can get straightened - send us a picture of your straight-arrow car with the wheel alignment on the front and rear axles and send it to us for full alignment.

Brothers Steve and Scott Bennion opened their first Ben Franklin's Craft Store in Kaysville, Utah, in 1997, and opened a second store at 4335 Harrison Blvd on April 1, 2012. Since then, the business has expanded and includes a variety of crafts, including a fabric and frame department. It has become one of Utah's most popular shopping destinations for chocolate lovers.

Eventually, the store contained pet grooming items, making it one of the largest pet grooming stores in the United States.

The store was named after Roy's Drug Center, which was located in 1975 at W. 5600 S. The Ben Franklin franchise was bought by Butler Brothers and the stores were merged into one location. In 1974, a Ben Franklin variety shop opened here, along with a second location in the same building at the corner of West 52nd Street and West 60th Street.

In 1965, a new building was built at 1931 W. 5600 S. Roy's, which housed an Albertsons grocery store. The companies expanded in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including the opening of a new mall, further west at 56,000 S., and the addition of a grocery store at the corner of West 52nd Street and West 60th Street.

Stan and Norene opened Bennion's Drug in 1957 at the corner of West 52nd Street and West 60th Street, just a few blocks west of Roy's. Bennion's drug included many of the goods that one hoped to find in a drugstore in the mid-1950s, such as prescription drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and cigarettes.

After graduating from Idaho State Pharmacy in 1950, Stan and his wife, Norene Bennion, left their Idaho home to start a business in Utah and traveled the state in search of the best business location. Looking for a good location for their new business, they happened to drop by Roy's on their way home.

That was when the local community launched Spall Kaysville last summer to support local artisans, musicians and more.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium brings the majestic wonders of our planet, from rainforests and deserts to exotic marine life, to Layton. Tours include tours to make a unique gift that every outdoor enthusiast will love. Cherry Hill with its water park, climbing wall and much more ensures fun for families in the sun. The Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington has been a favorite for families in Utah for years and boasts the largest indoor water park in the world with more than 100,000 square feet of fun and entertainment.

The Davis County Annual Golf Pass is valid for one year after purchase and is really a gift to be given over and over again. With this mobile pass you have access to NINE golf courses, a variety of golf courses to play and a map of the golf course. Kings of the Hill season pass costs just $94.95 at the end of each year, or $95.00 for the entire year.

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More About Kaysville